Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Best Handbag Buying Tips: Why Is Size a Factor?

When going on a shopping spree to buy the best handbag, several things determine the choice a buyer makes. Since the main aim is always to get satisfaction, it is noteworthy to remember the basic aspects to speculate. This is to guarantee selection of the finest products available, especially when the brand is an attribute of concern. Is there a guide to follow; when speculating the right size handbag to buy? In actuality, shoppers usually ignore the significance of this characteristic; but it does influence the level of satisfaction a buyer receives, after purchase. Seeing a woman with a handbag that is just too small or too large for her body mass is always agreeable, am I right or wrong? How is it possible to prevent handbag shoppers from making these shopping mistakes? Well, this is merely basic; taking to heed that cyberspace now offers the best shopping tips and guides for fashion lovers. For this reason, writing this guide to help women shop for the right size handbag is a wise decision.

Just a mere fashion tip to all women desiring to look fabulous; the wrong handbag is the utmost element to cause disaster and spoil your style. Therefore, if one's aim is to look glamorous from head to toe; the greatest error in fashion is to lack balance, since it affects one's overall appearance. For a woman to declare success in achieving balance in fashion, it is essential to choose the right handbag that complements one's outfit. Keep in mind that this does not damage your signature style, because it is possible to elevate fashion in many ways, regardless of one's peculiar fashion taste. Let's look at how and why the handbag size influences one's signature style.

1: The basic rule to buying the picture-perfect handbag is to have a preference for a handbag that is proportionate to one's figure. The reason a woman's figure is all-important is because too often, fashion chaos is the result of poor balance, when carrying handbags. For this reason, contemplating the following tips is an exemplary way to avoid becoming a fashion topic for the wrong reasons.

For a woman whose waist is longer, in comparison to the average waist length; the best way to gain balance is to wear handbags at hip length.

2: Short-waist women should pick handbags to wear below the hip. This aims is to balance the upper body figure.

3: A full-figured woman should wear handbags that finish below the hips or under the shoulder.

Monday, August 20, 2012

What Should Sustainable Fashion Mean To You?

Conventional cotton accounts for close to 50% of all textile fiber production and is probably an even worse environmental polluter when compared to synthetic fibers such as polyester. Conventional cotton follows a dirty, exploitative path to the end consumer and we can change that, if we choose.

One of the biggest environmental hazards of conventional cotton is the use of agricultural chemicals which not only pose serious human health concerns, but also environmental degradation tragedies. Let's look at some facts:

- Cotton chews through 10% of all worldwide pesticides and 25% of the world's insecticides each year despite only accounting for 2.5% of all arable land,

- 10,400 people in the US die annually from pesticide related cancers resulting largely form drinking water contaminated by agricultural chemicals,

- It takes about 1/3 of a pound of agricultural chemicals to produce a single cotton T-shirt,

- Mono-cultured conventional cotton losses valuable topsoil much more rapidly than organically grown cotton,

- The agricultural chemicals used to treat cotton crops are highly toxic. Of the nine most readily used, five are probable carcinogens,

- Significant fish and bird kills have resulted from the legal application of pesticides, with millions of fish and birds estimated to die from pesticide exposure each year,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fashion Tips For Petite Women

There certainly is a lot of information that you will find on fashion. Much of that information, however, would have you fitting into a particular mold that might include a body image which doesn't fit your style. This is especially true if you have small breasts and need to make sure that you are looking your best. To be certain, there are some things that can be done for those who have small breasts, even those who may need 34AA bra sizes or similar. Here are a few tips which can help you to make the most of the terms you have.

One of the most important things for you to consider when you have a small breast size is that you must wear a bra that fits you properly. Do not get too caught up in the sizes of the bra, if you need a 36AA bra, by all means, choose that size and wear it proudly. Choosing the right bra size can help you to avoid some of the problems that can occur if you purchase one that is either too large or too small. For example, you may have a problem with straps that are cutting into your back constantly or falling off of your shoulders. You may also have an issue with an underwire that tends to fit over top of the bottom of the breasts. In any case, choosing the proper bra size will make a difference in how you look.

Another suggestion that can help you to achieve more from what you have is to choose a bra that gives you a push-up look. You need to make sure that you stay balanced in this regard, as it can be easy to overcompensate by choosing a bra with too much padding. This will tend to look obvious, and it certainly would not look attractive. It is possible, however, to achieve a great look with one of these bras but don't overdo it, it will look right in the long run.

Friday, August 3, 2012

What's Hot in the Fashion World?

Daylight savings is definitely here plus its currently safe to mention that autumn has officially landed. However don't allow the chillier weather conditions dampen your own mood because with a brand new season comes a completely new set of fresh new style trends to help you get fired up and your credit card anxious!

This autumn fashion is going unconventionally extravagant - by having an focus on pretty lady-like designs juxtaposed along with conventional man-style cuts and materials. Coats tend to be all over the place this season and therefore are an absolute autumn must-have!

The trench is easily the most common design accessible and it is probably the most glam! When looking for a coat make sure that it's a very good make and cut before you purchase, so that you can be reassured that it's going to last you a number of seasons. When trying on jackets consider the optical one - it ought to be lined, possess lots of pockets, and have a pleasant contoured form which emphasis your figure so that you don't appear to be dressed in a sack!

Red is definitely the colour of love plus it boasts that distinctive X-factor to essentially enhance your attire into a show-stopper! Simply because it's autumn doesn't suggest you need to dress just like the weather in head-to-toe dreary tones of black, brown and grey. Include a little red in your outfit may it be a coat, tights, red lip gloss, or perhaps the most sought after item this year - a pair of patent red-colored pumps.