Friday, September 14, 2012

Colors For Autumn And Winter 2012

When you think of women's clothing for the fall and winter months, do you think of the warm palette of gold, orange, and brown and cool white, basic black, and neutral greys? This season there are many more exciting options for autumn and fall clothing! Think neutral taupe, camel, khaki mixed with a punchy fuchsia or rich royal purple. Or add some silvery blue accents to your basic black or winter white, and brighten up the greys with rich blues and jewel tones.

Make the most of your autumn and winter wardrobe this season by accessorizing with bold color, jazzing up your basics, and making the season's palettes work for you, no matter what color palette suits you best.

Use Your Skin As A Guide To Wearing This Season's Fall And Winter Clothing For Women

Whatever your skin tone, you can work with the warm fall tones or cool, blue-undertones of winter. If you have a skin tone that is naturally flattered by the warm yellows, oranges and golds, you will shine in the colors of the autumn season. These warm tones also naturally enhance the neutral nudes that have been popular staples the past several years; think camel and khaki for pants, shoes, and outerwear as alternatives to basic black.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Essential Qualities of a Reputable Fashion Institute

A career in the fashion designing and management industry can be highly rewarding. Students head to fashion institutes and colleges to learn about the industry and train themselves. But real knowledge and success comes to those who choose reputable fashion institutes.

Many talented students hope to harness their skills to their full potential by enrolling in a fashion institute. But even the most gifted of students is helpless if the institution itself lacks vision, or the backing of structured courses, experienced staff and advanced training methods. That is why to make a successful career in the fashion industry you need to make sure that you choose the most reputable fashion institute- characterized by a futuristic approach to learning and global training & teaching methods of learning and also a career oriented style of instruction.

The learning approach which defines a reputable fashion institute is comprehensive, contemporary as well as career oriented. These institutes are run by people from the fashion industry that have been a part of the global apparel or designing sector. Following decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, retailing or merchandising these fashion houses have professionals with a deep knowledge of the current trends in fashion and a thorough understanding of how the industry works. They use this experience to create courses, learning modules and teaching methods because they know what learning is needed to be best prepared as a new entrant in the fashion industry. Another great aspect of their curriculum is that they teach to create tomorrow's fashion leaders. This is made possible because of their experience on the global fashion platform which gives them a clear vision of the turns fashion is going to take in the near future. That is why they train their students to be skilled enough to not only catch up with the latest trends, but set them too.