Friday, June 29, 2012

Spring 2011 Fashion Trends for Women

The fashion trends for Spring 2011 will be a welcome change to "real" women everywhere. Instead of clothes that would only look good on a size 2 teenager, designers chose to show a variety of figure-flattering, figure forgiving clothes in luxurious fabrics and colors.

With a little bit of modification, these styles can be easily incorporated into anyone's wardrobe.

Trend #1: Full cut trousers

For the past several seasons, designers like Marc Jacobs have mined the 70s look. This time, instead of a boho-hippie influence, we get the 70s look from the movie the "Ice Storm". Think groovy pantsuits as they would have been worn in suburban Connecticut

These pants are mid to high rise, which may look strange after over a decade of low cut, hip slung jeans, and the inadvertent thong show that followed. This is a welcome change, as is the possibility of eliminating muffin top without having to diet.

Wear this style with a tucked in blouse, a skinny belt and wedge heels for an easy and stylish work look.

Trend #2: Maxi dresses

What could be easier than a long, loose dress? Today's styles are slim, but not tight, and made with drapey fabrics like jersey.

Like everything else, it's the details that count. To avoid looking like Mrs. Roper from "Three's Company", steer clear of Hawaiian prints or paisley. Instead, opt for solid colors in nudes or in the sure-to-be-everywhere color this spring: a soft mint green.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Looks Good Today?

We wear clothes to keep us warm and sometimes keep us from catching something from someone that is sick. Remember back in the fifties our moms would wear a dress and heels to clean the house? I do and I always wondered how she stayed so clean. Of course, thankfully women don't do that anymore, but the clothes today are a fashion statement to some, to others it's just clothes on their backs.

Men and women wear suits to work that just look uncomfortable, but they must be worn, I bet when they get home off they come and on goes the jeans and tee-shirts. Depending on where you live, you will dress for the climate. You certainly do not want to wear a cable knitted sweater living in Texas in the summer. In the south women would wear comfortable cotton dresses and still do today, which makes so much sense seeing their weather is awful. Cotton breathes therefore it is cool on the body.

Where the teens and teenagers of today get their fashion sense I will never know. They come up with some of the most outrageous outfits I have ever seen. Usually though they wear the jeans and either a tee shirt or a sweat shirt that has some silly sayings on them. I suppose that's alright but I sure would like to see them dress up if they are going out to dinner with their parents. I suppose their line of thinking is that what they wear will allow them to be accepted among their peers. Back in the day it was a skirt and blouse and on a rare occasion pants, but it had to be a three piece suit, with the vest and everything and this was in public schools not private ones that had uniforms. Okay I am dating myself but the kids always looked nice and clean.