Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Edwin Clothing in Fashion News

Perhaps nothing gives a brand name more reputation than an association with a big-name celebrity, so it becomes a news item of note when celebrities endorse or appear in any brand name product. Japan's Edwin clothing company has scored some of the most coveted celebrity coverage of any denim manufacturer, particularly with its endorsement by one of Hollywood's most often nominated "beautiful men," Brad Pitt, who serves as an Edwin spokesman in Japan. In ads not widely seen elsewhere, Pitt smolders at the camera with his signature sexiness, sporting a pair of pre-washed Edwin's with the logo stamped jauntily across his hip.

The Edwin name appears repeatedly in blogs by fashionistas and fashion providers alike, such as in the post by the U.K.'s own Red Square fashion announcing the arrival of the first Edwin items for the 2012 season. The post celebrates the company's nostalgic return to iconic graphics of motorbikes and airmen in the new season's line, as well as new offerings in the denim lines themselves.

When GQ (Gentleman's Quarterly) magazine wanted a glossary written for denim and jeans-related terms, nothing else would do but to have the touted "jean-ious" team at Edwin construct the comprehensive and detailed definitions of jeans' related verbiage, including relatively obscure terms that describe specific types of thread and patterns of wear. No one could write such a lovingly descriptive catalogue of denim terminology without being a recognized expert in the industry.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

90s Trends From Fashion Week

Feeling nostalgic for the bubblegum pop days of the late 1980s and 90s? How about grunge, early hip hop and the supermodels? The fashion world sure is. With the past few seasons in fashion has come a slew of 90s inspired styles ranging from sophisticated tailoring and business woman ideals, to a Tumblr inspired teenage wasteland of cartoonish makeup, models and prints. Designers envisioned both hip moody girls with straggly technicolor hair, and strong working mothers with jobs to do, children to raise, and chic business events and parties to attend immediately after. Taking style cues from 90s icons like clueless's Cher, Bart Simpson, Gwen Stefani and Kurt Cobain, cool, colorful and kitschy are three words that come to mind.

The Tumblr generation is definitely a part of the earlier, pop and grunge inspired fashion set- looking to heroes like the always eccentric Jeremy Scott. For Fall 2012, Jeremy Scott's gang was complete with jeweled bindis and angular Gwen looking blonde wigs- with bright streaks of color of course. Where Scott's last collection(spring 2012) was on the fluffier sexier spice girls side of the 90's- the fall collection was all about internet graphics, attitude and surprisingly, Lisa Frank. There were literally screenshots and emoticons printed on dresses and leggings, complimented by a 90s interpretation of 70s glam. A graphic unicorn cutout, corset that looks like it was covered in stickers, and sparkly groovy prints on shiny fabrics! A more sophisticated iridescence has been in order lately from Christopher Kane, who pairs rainbow hombres with smooth black paneling and silhouettes. Prabul Gurung has also been ahead of he 90s curve with pieces swathed in shimmering purple iradesence. This redeaux of sparkly girly 90s things is a fun statement look this season, and appeals to the teenaged and twenty somethings spamming the internet with memorabilia and trendy separates.

Other girly 90s style designs can be seen at Meadham Kirchoff, with pastel clad Courtney Love look-a-likes and too-cute cartoon prints in rich textures. Other trends from the grunge era that have been seen everywhere lately are cropped tops, long skirts, layers, athletic wear, velvet, plaid and Kool-Aid colored hair.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why Use A Fashion Mall Today?

A fashion mall can be a good place to go for that fashion face lift that you have been yearning for. Being a more fashion inclined shopping center; you can find all sorts of fashion products from clothing, to shoes, accessories and jewelry. These malls are very ideal for the choosy shopper who wants to keep up with the latest trends in the market. Unfortunately, this skewed outlook towards fashion makes most of the stores and shops within these malls quite expensive. Unlike getting your cloths and other fashion wear from an ordinary shopping mall, you end up paying a little more handsomely here.

Most fashion based malls are structured in to departments. In each department, you will find a set of related products shops and stores. For instance, you may find several jewel shops tucked in to one area within the mall. This is quite advantageous to the shopper because besides being able to compare similar products in fashion, you also easily compare prices of the same product from different outlets. Some popular departments in such malls include accessories, beauty, kids, tall and plus sizes, teen, men wear, shoes, women, house and home, and jewelry departments among others. As obviously implied, each of these departments will have shops offering specific kinds of products suited for a specific group of people.

Another advantageous feature about fashion malls is that you can easily shop for brands. Since they are structured in to departments, you can be able to go to a specific department, and then narrow down your choice of what you want to buy by the brand name. For instance, if you want to buy some sports shoes for your kids, you would ideally enter in to the kids department section of the mall, then identify the shops therein that sell kids shoes. Then in this small number of shops, you identify the one that specifically sells your ideal brand of shoes, say for example, Nike. This saves you a lot of time moving around looking for the branded items that you desire.